About Finite Lanka

Since the inception, Finite Lanka has provided high quality construction Products and services. Finite Lanka has extended our reach to fields such as Road and Highway construction, Water Supply and Irrigation and building construction through 20 years of experience. Our knowledge and expertise has improved overtime as it is considered as one of the key Competence. We have worked alongside with international construction firms such as Taisei Cooperation and Kumagai Gumi Company Limited.

Our main competence is customer orientation. Our client base usually consist of government bodies. We are well known for providing the quality and the competence expected from us and going beyond and providing superior quality and performance stretching the expectations.

In Finite Lanka, we operate as a team not as individuals. We don’t consider people as another resource at our disposal yet mere bricks of our foundation.  We consider ourselves as a family and every family member is important to us. Finite Lanka allows the growth and grant opportunities to for every individual and there are many success stories in our 20 year history.

We are very conscious about utilizing natural resources as a company. Utilizing natural resources in a conscious way allows us to operate sustainably as a company and as an entity which uses natural resources.


To provide utmost quality products and services ensuring and enhancing customer satisfaction while utilizing available resources.


To be the market leader in high quality construction products and services in Sri Lanka.